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Beyond Flat Sound

Recording engineers always seek a monitoring environment that allows them to perceive the sound flatly. However, PHONON has been pursuing these multiple factors from various angles to produce a truly good sound. PHONON aims for musical pleasure after achieving a numerically flat sound at a high level. PHONON continues to pursue the best possible sound.

Professional Monitoring Headphones

The SMB-01L is meant to achieve the sound of large studio monitors on headphones.

The SMB-01L has won music awards worldwide and received the highest ratings. Based on its reputation, those top sound engineers trust SMB-01L habitually.
Utilizes FOSTER Electric Inc.’s innovative driver unit features a powerful magnetic circuit and a diaphragm with a “free edge” structure.

Subtonic Monitor Basic Headphones

A “Holy Grail” of Monitoring Headphones.

The 02 has become a Phonon bestseller, loved worldwide for its high sound quality.
PHONON’s unique tuning to the highest level provides excellent spatial reproducibility and rich low-frequency resolution. Best choice studio monitor headphones for mixing.

Subtonic Monitor Basic Headphones

Headphones for recording and performing.

Based on feedback from recording studios, SMB-03 achieved a superior monitoring balance to maximise players’ ability in their performance.
Lightweight and high-performance headphones designed for extended periods of use.